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Mid Summer Night's Dream

This past July, we collaborated with six of the top wedding vendors in Toronto to create our rendition of Mid Summer Night's Dream. We wanted to give you an opportunity to meet the vendors behind the brand and to learn how they each of them weaved their inspiration into the shoot.

Special thanks to Airship 37, Paras Events, AMK Studio, My Mehndi Story, Mani Jassal, and Wild and Free Films for their awesome work!

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We need a wedding planner that spoke Urdu to help with coordinating wedding arrangements and family. mywedhelper application takes the time to understand a couple's needs while being easy to use and navigate. It connected us to the right vendors that matched our wedding needs.
Alykhan and Sharmeen
Wedding planning is hard to do on your own… so it was very helpful to have mywedhelper curate a custom list of recommendations for me.
Rehana and Alnawaz

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