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        Leveraging CAE’s 7000XR full-flight simulator (FFS) proven capabilities, CAE’s XR Series suite of flight training devices (FTD) is the most advanced and comprehensive offering in the fixed-based training market. CAE’s 400/500/600XR FTDs cover the widest range of training tasks and offers operators the most flexible and cost-effective training equipment solutions for pilots to practise essential skills in a realistic cockpit environment.

        An optimised use of training time for:

        • Normal and abnormal procedures
        • Ground operations and in-flight training
        • Kinesthetic memory learning

        EASA CS-FSTD A FTD level 1 FAA 4

        • Responsive multi-touch cockpit graphic interface

        EASA CS-FSTD A FTD level 1 FAA 5

        • Responsive multi-touch cockpit graphic interface
        • Tactile flight controls and FMS display units

        EASA CS-FSTD A FTD level 2 FAA 6

        • Fully tactile cockpit with exact panel positioning
        • Representative flight deck surround and crew seats
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