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        See the latest information on how CAE is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

        What is it?


        Our Crew Optimization software leverages advanced analytics to create scenarios by comparing thousands of possibilities with your business objectives and rules to identify ideal pairings and rosters. Long-range scenario planning helps you proactively manage your workforce and resources to protect against disruption.

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        Crew Optimization modules
        CAE Rise? app
        Crew Roster Optimization

        Optimize crew rosters and reduce costs by evaluating thousands of potential scenarios

        CAE Rise? app
        Crew Preferences

        Digitally manage crew roster approval, self-scheduling, PBS preferential bidding and trip trading

        CAE Rise? app
        Pairing Optimization

        Optimize the alignment of crew and fleet to maximize utility, minimize block times and increase schedule reliability

        CAE Rise? app
        Repairing Optimization

        AI-powered “what-if” scenarios enable optimal operational decision-making.

        Rapidly respond to operators’ recovery events by analyzing and automatically repairing crew rosters.

        CAE Rise? app
        Workforce Planning

        Evaluate and respond to growing crew capacity requirements by optimizing onboarding, training and certification planning

        Why choose CAE’s high-performance Crew Optimization software

        Crew represent a significant cost area for operators; optimizing solutions reduce costs while providing improved insights and better predictability


        Sophisticated solver optimizes for short to long term crew requirements - disruption recovery, crew pairing generation, manpower planning


        Ability to quickly visualize different scheduling scenarios and impact on costs

        Let powerful algorithms and analytics make sense of millions of data points to optimize your crew, flight, and operator performance.

        35,000 Crew Members
        1,400,000 Flights tracked
        1,100 Daily Optimizations

        Request a meeting with our experts to discover how optimizing the crew performance lifecycle can deliver significant value to your operations

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