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        merlot.aero has joined CAE!

        Unleashing insights for high-performance operators

        Airlines and business aircraft operators face pressures like few other industries – heavily regulated, highly competitive, ultra-visible and with incredibly tight margins. Pilots and crew worldwide must be optimized to balance performance, cost, compliance and crew satisfaction.

        As merlot.aero joins CAE, operators around the world can now experience seamless crew management and training operations solutions like never before. CAE provides robust crew operations and optimization software, helping airlines and business aircraft operators make optimal data-driven decisions, faster than ever before.

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        Plan for the future. Optimize for the now.

        By combining crew operations and optimization software with the power of the cloud, CAE’s digital crew management solution is able to drive increased performance across the crew lifecycle like no other.

        Crew Operations

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        Crew Operations

        Our Crew Operations software is a robust cloud-based crew and aircraft resource management system that empowers airlines and business aircraft operators to automate their crew and aircraft scheduling, crew tracking, and governance from long-term to day-to-day operations.

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        Crew Optimization

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        Crew Optimization

        Our Crew Optimization software leverages advanced analytics to create scenarios, by comparing thousands of possibilities with your business objectives and rules to identify ideal pairings and rosters. Long-range scenario planning helps you proactively manage your workforce and resources to protect against disruption.

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        Request a meeting with our experts to discover how optimizing the crew performance lifecycle can deliver significant value to your operations.

        merlot.aero has joined CAE

        With the vision of unifying digital solutions to optimize operational efficiency and enhance crew experience, CAE welcomes merlot.aero, leader in crew optimization to its family.

        Founded in 2008, merlot.aero has been a pioneer of cloud-based operator crew performance solutions, underpinning lowest cost, highest performance, and disruptive innovation strategies. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, merlot.aero has been helping operators from around the globe unleash crew performance through robust crew management system, helped shape long-range crew plans with new levels of precision, and optimize near-term schedules by leveraging crew optimization solutions. As merlot.aero joins CAE, global operators can expect to experience seamless crew management and training solutions like never before.

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