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        As we continue to navigate through these uncertain times, CAE Parc is pleased to announce a new initiative to support our valued clients with their resourcing needs.

        The Aviation industry is experiencing an unprecedented crisis and here at CAE our customers come first. CAE Parc wants to make sure that is here to support your airline with pilot resourcing when you start operating again at full capacity. Thus, we are offering our Job Adverts to help you source the right candidates. We offer multiple subscription levels for you to choose the one that suits your needs. By partnering with us, you have the opportunity to advertise your jobs on both, the CAE Job platform and on Airside.

        Airside from CAE is our new digital hub for pilots by pilots that was created during the Covid-19 pandemic.

        To check Airside, click here.

        To arrange for your free advert to be shown on our websites, get in touch here.

        Contact Information

        Declan Snow
        Commercial Project Manager

        1. - <p>Market Leaders</p>


        Market Leaders

        2. - <p>Global Reach<br />
(Biggest database, Airside)</p>


        Global Reach
        (Biggest database, Airside)

        3. - <p>Cost Effective<br />
(Support your HR team)</p>


        Cost Effective
        (Support your HR team)

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